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Bringing B4RN to Holme

Most Recent News – Date : 12th Feb 2017

Application submitted for Infrastructure Grant

Holme Parish Council has submitted an application to South Lakeland District Council for a Local Infrastructure Grant.  If this is succesful, it will cover roughly half of the cost of the B4RN service for Holme.   The Village Hall, and Holme Community School will be major beneficiaries, together with important local businesses.

The final route is still a matter for agreement with local landowners, but a general route is shown as a guide

Residents wishing to receive B4RN services can do so for a connection fee of £150.00. The monthly fee if £30, giving a service many times faster than that presently available, together with services for telephone calls and video on demand.

The project as a whole will depend upon financial investment from the community – residents, property developers and business people.  To see how you can invest, take a look at the detailed information here.

Investing through Shares

Investing through Loans

A series of public meetings will be held in March to answer questions about this exciting project and to invite you to invest on your local community.

If you want to find out more, please call Counc Vic Brown ( see Councillor details)

The following images show you what is involved :-

Mole Plough – Mini Digger Trench and High Capacity Orange Duct


Mole Plugh - Detail
Mole Plough – Detail


Field 1 day after duct laying - 'Spot the Trench !'
Field 1 day after duct laying – ‘Spot the Trench !’


Going Under Farm/Tracks - No Trench or Back Fill
Going Under Farm/Tracks – No Trench or Back Fill


Watch out for Public Meeting soon to find out how you can help make this happen in Holme

Bringing B4RN ( Hyperfast Broadband) to Holme


Following recent expansion of the B4RN Rural Network towards Burton, and the new Auction Mart at J36, there is a very real possibiity of bringing this to Holme.  The first priority will be to provide a service to the key businesses of in Holme, Elmsfield, and Holme Mills, but the service will also benefit community interests including the Village Hall and the Commuity School.

To understand the benefits of B4RN, take a look at this excellent video.

For this idea to work, it needs several important elements to come together :-

  • Help of Landowners  – to agree to a routing of the fibre cable ( the size of a small water pipe) across their land
  • Private Investors – to invest in the project by a loan or shares to B4RN – this will include local businesses and local residents
  • Community involvement – to help dig  and lay the network, once funding has been secured, and agreements on the route have been finalised.


When could this happen ?

Funding has already been offered to bring the fibre from near J36 to Old Lane in Holme, and pipe is already in position from there to Elmsfield.  The next stage, into Holme and Holme Mills, depends upon the cooperation of local landowners, offers of  help, and funding.  However, there is no reason why the service could not be live within the year.

A public meeting will be held in Holme during March, but before this time, a grant application will be made for a signficant proportion of the hardware which is needed.  If this can be combined with other funding, then this project could easily become a reality.

Watch this space for further news – or contact Vic Brown for more information ( see Councillor page)