Holme Parish Council

A brief history of the Plan

You can download a copy of the plan here

A New Community Plan for Holme


The decision to produce a new village plan was taken in mid-2013   Though the old Holme Parish Plan is still relevant, and has been reviewed ( see http://www.holme-westmorland-pc.gov.uk/parishplan.shtml ),  it is technically out of date. A summary of its main objectives and achievements is shown at the end of this page.

Taking advice from Action for Communities in Cumbria ( ACT ) – www.cumbriaaction.org.uk  – the decision was taken to produce a Community Led Plan, and not a Neighbourhood Plan – for difference see http://www.cumbriaaction.org.uk/WhatWeDo/CommunityLedPlanning.aspx .  This was principally because the main issues relating to land-use planning had been identified in the current Local Plan  produced by South Lakeland District Council (http://www.southlakeland.gov.uk/building-and-planning/south-lakeland-local-plan/ ) .

A supporting document to the former Village Plan is the Village Design Statement.  This has not been formerly reviewed, but will be interpreted together with the briefs resulting from the specific development proposals contained in the South Lakeland  Local Plan.

Consultation Stages

Public consultation is a key part of the Community Led Plan ( CLP) process.   In Holme, there have been several distinct phases to date :-

Initial Public Meeting :  Nov 2013

This meeting, which was attended by over 60 residents,  took the form of a working meeting in the Village Hall.  Those attending were divided into a number of subject areas, each of which identified key issues  for these areas.

Formation of Steering Committee

Following the above, a public meeting was held to agree a project  plan, and to appoint volunteers to a working group.  Attendance at this was disappointing, but the decision was taken to form a working group consisting of Councillors Sherriff and Brown, the then Parish Clerk , and residents Angela Smith and Rosemary Dyson.   This group met on a number of occasions, and produced a consultation document which was widely circulated around Holme, trying to understand what makes Holme a special place

Public Consultation : Vision Questionnaire : Feb 2015

In this consultation  residents were asked to take a longer term view of Holme, and to try and say how they thought it would look in 10 years time.

Somewhat predictably, the 82 respondents confirmed that the essential ‘village’ character of Holme was extremely important ( over 62% expressed this view).  Over 50% of the respondents said they considered themselves to be ‘part of the village’ , and regularly engaged in village activities.

Public Consultation : Issues for Discussion: Nov 2015

This consultation took a far more detailed look at the key issues affecting Holme, and proposed some possible solutions.  It was circulated widely to Holme residents, and also available in local shops.

In all, 110 replies were received.  The following is a summary of the responses, and identifies the priority issues which were identified.


Section : Community Development : Housing, Employment and Environment
HE5:Protection and Enhancement of Village Character, Wildlife, Heritage and Landscape85181677%16%1%110
HE1:Resolution of infrastructure concerns583511653%32%10%110
HE8:Tourism and the Village Economy474710643%43%9%110
HE6:Green area – Mayfield – better use394818535%44%16%110
HE7:Increasing/sustaining the local employment base384518935%41%16%110
HE3:Sheltered housing354919732%45%17%110
HE2:Benefit from new development294629626%42%26%110
HE4:Holiday Homes142565613%23%59%110

Section:Community:Infrastructure:Roads, Footpaths, Lighting, Statutory and Signs
CO1:Better maintenance roads/paths81280174%25%0%110
CO2:Slower traffic speeds69309263%27%8%110
CO3:Safer village66376160%34%5%110
CO6:Better salting/gritting66366260%33%5%110
CO12:More dog/litter bins66375260%34%5%110
CO4:Commercial  vehicles63358457%32%7%110
CO5:Parking in the Village593910254%35%9%110
CO14:Poor Mobile Phone Reception593613254%33%12%110
CO8:Street Lighting415216137%47%15%110
CO9:Improved recreation network365913233%54%12%110
CO7:Road signing305225327%47%23%110
CO10:Clutter of Signage295127326%46%25%110
CO11:Fly Posting244044222%36%40%110
CO13:Visual – more flowers / tubs225135220%46%32%110

Section:Community Facilities : Transport, Shops, Sports and Social
CF3:Protect village amenities83242175%22%2%110
CF7:Policing and Crime75304168%27%4%110
CF4:Bus Service71335165%30%5%110
CF1:Community Facilities59446154%40%5%110
CF6:Village Communication59436054%39%5%108
CF2:Cash point423731038%34%28%110
CF5:Tea shop or crafts134253212%38%48%110

Section:Social Needs: Health/Welfare
SN8:Maintaining support in the community77274270%25%4%110
SN2:Provision of medical facilities76302269%27%2%110
SN6:Improved hospital transport/rural wheels service74284467%25%4%110
SN3:Provision of transport to Milnthorpe Surgery67365261%33%5%110
SN5:Protection of meals on wheels –673110261%28%9%110
SN4:Reliance on Voluntary Support59427254%38%6%110
SN9:Better bus services59416454%37%5%110
SN1:Provision for teenagers544310349%39%9%110
SN7: Village Emergency Plan48468844%42%7%110
SN10:Perching Seats405314336%48%13%110

Developing New Proposals : July – October 2016

Following the extensive consultation, work is now in progress on the preparation of a Draft Plan.  It is the intention that this be made available for comment early in 2017.  It will also be distributed to statutory authorities and other key bodies/people, particularly where they have the ability to influence the outcomes of the plan.  A full copy of this document will be available for download on this site, and a limited number of printed copies will also be made available ( a small charge will be levied for printed versions)

A number of meetings have taken place with key groups within the village. These have included the Church,  Community School, and representatives of the older residents.  Other meetings are to be carried out with representatives of Young People,  Sporting Clubs, and community of Holme Mills ( the latter being a distinct group of residents within Holme with particular local issues)