Holme Parish Council

Help make Holme a safer place to live!

Is it your view that Holme could be a safer place?

“Safer for whom” you say.


  • For our children walking or cycling to school
  • For the elderly or disabled when using footpaths and crossing the road
  • Through the centre of the village where vehicles have to wind their way past parked vehicles, and there are no continuous footpaths
  • For the small number of drivers who put speed before safety on the approaches to our lovely villages.
  • Oh – and the continuing problem of vehicles parked partly on footpaths, or opposite road junctions, making it unsafe for mums with push-chairs, and vehicles emerging from side roads.

If you are someone who is concerned about any of this, or other similar issues, then Holme Parish Council would like you to help. The problems are everyone’s problems and we need a fresh approach to solving them.

If you are willing to contribute a little time and your skills, we can help tackle these issues, but it does need a group of committed residents to make it work.

To start the ball rolling, please send an email headed ‘Making Holme a Safer Place’ to the Holme Parish Clerk (email: holmeparishcouncil@gmail.com). Include your name, telephone number and email. It does not commit you in any way, but does allow us to invite you to a meeting where we can discuss issues and possible solutions.