Holme Parish Council

Holme Parish Council is made up of 7 seats. Your councillors work hard all year doing a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work.

Councillor Brown has been spending a lot of time writing our ‘Community Led Plan’ with information gathered from the residents, this plan has  now been finalised and now available http://www.holme-westmorland-pc.gov.uk/your-parish-council/documents-policies/.  This will help shape the future of Holme. The plan has recently been adopted by the council.

Councillor Brown is also working to bring B4RN to Holme, if you are interested in becoming involved in this project please contact Cllr Brown http://www.holme-westmorland-pc.gov.uk/your-parish-council/meet-your-councillors/

Councillor Hancock has been cutting back the trees at the top of Burton Road to improve visibility and has felled a tree in the square to improve the raised area and allow better growth of other trees.

The council has been awarded funding for a street light for the square and a new noticeboard. Councillors Hancock, Wragg and Brown are all involved in trying to improve the look and use of the square, once the grant monies have been received work should be able to start.

Cllr Sherriff is liaising with ‘Highways’ to resolve many of the issues we have around Holme. Cllr Sherriff has met with ‘Highways’ and walked around the village to show them the problems but as of yet there has been no schedule for works put forward. They have however agreed to resurface the pavements on North Road in the next financial year (2018/19).

Should you find a fault or problem you can report and track progress at this web site https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/roads-transport/highways-pavements/reporting-problem-on-highway/WDM/

The council are working on setting up a Speedwatch scheme similar to the successful one in Endmoor. If you are interested in helping please contact the clerk.

If you would like to hear more about what the council are doing please do attend one of our meetings. During our meetings we have an open session for residents to ask questions or make suggestions. Alternatively either contact the clerk or one of the councillors whose details are available on the ‘Meet Your Councillors’ page.

Please find below the areas of responsibility of each councillor;

  1. Representative to Burton-in-Kendal Foundation: Cllr Hodkinson & Cllr Taylor
  2. Representatives on Holme Parish Hall Management Committee: Cllr Wragg & Cllr Brown
  3. Representatives to Cumbria Association of Local Councils: Cllr Sherriff
  4. Representative to attend Lancaster Canal Trust Meetings: Cllr Brown
  5. Cllrs with responsibilities for Children’s Play Area: Cllr Sherriff
  6. Representative to liaise with Holme Park Quarry: Cllr Sherriff
  7. Cllr to liaise with Lengthsman: Cllr Wragg
  8. Cllr to liaise with Holme Emergency Plan: Cllr Wragg
  9. Representative to attend the Local Area Partnership: Cllr Brown & Cllr Hodkinson
  10. Cllr to attend Neighbourhood Forum Meetings: Cllr Brown & Cllr Hodkinson
  11. Cllr to inspect village assets: Cllr Sherriff & Cllr Wragg
  12. Representative to the Good Neighbour scheme: Cllr Hodkinson
  13. Council Tree Warden: Cllr Hancock