Holme Parish Council

These are the draft minutes taken at each meeting; they are usually available on the website and village noticeboards within 3 working days. A summary of each meeting is also published in the Parish Newsletter.

As part of the council’s commitment to being transparent the bank reconciliations from the most recent meeting can be found on the ‘accounting information’ page. If available the most recent police report will be available on this page.

The dates of the forthcoming meetings are as follows;

  1. Monday 27th March (Annual Assembly followed by shortened council meeting)
  2. Monday 24th April
  3. Tuesday 30th May
  4. Monday 26th June
  5. Monday 31st July
  6. Monday 25th September
  7. Monday 30th October
  8. Monday 27th November

Meetings commence at 7.30pm in Holme Parish Hall (if there are any planning applications the paperwork is available for viewing at 7.15pm). Agendas are available on this website and also the 2 noticeboards in the village. An agenda and minutes from the previous meeting as available at the council meeting.


Latest Minutes